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The technology strategies, innovations, and fintech happenings of investment banks

Is your pitchbook stack in place?

For boutique investment banks, an effective pitchbook stack is essential to making content faster, better, and easier to create. Whether you’re striking out on your own after years at a large firm, or have be…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Scrub data once, use everywhere

The Data Hub solves a myriad of data problems for investment bankers including the customization of numbers. Here's how it helps with scrubbing. Essential to content creation in investment banking is the abil…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

WATCH: What is Pellucid?

Pellucid is a knowledge creation platform, built by bankers, for bankers. Check out the overview video to see how it works. Pellucid is a knowledge creation platform, built by bankers for bankers. It streamli…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

What pitchbook content was trending in April?

Benchmarking metric pages, share price vs. comps and analyst recommendations are trending at Pellucid Pellucid’s content library is designed specifically for investment bankers and strategic advisors. It’s fi…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

The Pellucid challenge: Q1, 2017 results

We showed a group of analysts common pitchbook content and asked them to recreate it using Pellucid. Here's what we found. A few weeks ago we conducted our first quarterly efficiency user test. A group of ana…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

What pitchbook content was trending in March?

Visualizing differences, benchmarking arrow chart, and valuation page were trending content items in March. Pellucid’s content library is designed specifically for investment bankers and strategic advisors. I…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Behind the scenes: The Comps ranking chart

One of Pellucid's most popular charts is the Comps ranking chart. Here's how it is easily created using the Pellucid platform. The Comps ranking chart is one of Pellucid’s most popular content items. A Pelluc…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Charting in Excel vs. Pellucid

Pellucid is an evolution of the charting paradigm established by Microsoft Excel, explains Pellucid's Chief Content Officer how they compare. Microsoft Excel, which remains the universal charting application…

Eric RattnerEric Rattner

Now in Pellucid: One-time data edits

You can now quickly edit the data and entity labels for a chart straight in the Library for more transparency and control. We’ve added a new way to preview and edit data in Pellucid and I’m excited to tell yo…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Strats: The future of investment banking

Why Wall Street should look to Goldman Sachs' Strats division for the future of banking. And the skills needed to be successful. Goldman Sachs is the most venerated investment bank on Wall Street. If you’ve e…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

A data platform just for bankers

Corralling data can be a struggle. Pellucid's Data Hub includes EDGAR Online data to provide a platform espeically for bankers. One thing we always say at Pellucid is that great content begins with flawless d…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Are you ready to find new clients?

Finding and engaging with new clients can be the difference between hearing about that deal, and being the one to execute it. Is your tech prepared? Whether you started your own boutique bank or joined an exi…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

The two ways you need to calculate pitchbook costs

Most banks don't really know how much is spent on pitchbook production. Here's how to break down the costs. In meetings with clients, one thing we always talk about is how to evaluate the power of Pellucid.…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

How many pitches result in a mandate?

How recording client insights, timing meetings correctly and increasing speed to meeting can boost your ratio of pitch:wins. What is your pitch:win ratio? How many of your pitches become mandates? Or, put ano…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Building Pellucid: finding what you need

As useful as starring, favoriting and bookmarking is, it requires an action. What if there was an easier way to find what you need? Bookmarking, starring, storing—all are ways of marketing something to…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

The pitchbook paradox

A banker's most valuable asset is strategic advice, yet pitchbook creation means it’s what they spend the least amount of time developing. As a banker, part of the job I always enjoyed the most was solving th…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Why bankers think they scrub numbers. And why they actually do

Scrubbing numbers isn't just for standardizing data or learning the ropes. Scrubbing numbers is an important and expensive activity, necessary to the work of an investment banker. First, there is the fee ban…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Introducing the Data Hub

Override values, change definitions, review sources. Complete confidence and transparency for perfect content, every time. It’s 2 a.m. and you’re close to wrapping up your pitchbook for tomorrow morning’s me…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Finding content you’d forgotten you’d lost

Finding and reusing old content is no longer a difficult process with Pellucid keyword search. Find what you need, fast. “Where’s that deck we did for Hasbro’s share repurchase in 2015?” “Where’s that analyst…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Forget utility belts, just hand me a smartphone

While banking can be slow to adopt tech, investment bankers are always on the hunt for tools to give a competitive edge. Very early on I learned the benefit of having a little insider scoop about someone with…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Combinatorial innovation isn’t just for startups, it's also for pitchbooks

Every new client problem requires combining existing pieces in new ways. Would you consider yourself a combinatorial innovator? No? Never heard the phrase before? I first came across it from Hal Varian, Go…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

How much does a pitchbook cost?

An average pitchbook costs about $40,000 to produce. Check out the Pitchbook Calculator to see how much yours cost. Lawyers, management consultants, doctors, advertising executives—all careers with a cl…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Complex content creation requires a scalpel, not a Swiss Army Knife

Sometimes a one-size-fits-all product will only get you so far. I own three bikes: one for commuting, one for racing, and one for long rides. I guess I could use the same bike for all three activities, but wh…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Not even Goldman Sachs can clone bankers

As banks introduce solutions to attract and retain employees, what are the technology strategy considerations? Goldman Sachs recently announced new initiatives for its analyst program. Notably quicker promoti…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett