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How technology and advanced management strategy will shape the investment bankers of tomorrow

Is your pitchbook stack in place?

For boutique investment banks, an effective pitchbook stack is essential to making content faster, better, and easier to create. Whether you’re striking out on your own after years at a large firm, or have be…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

WATCH: What is Pellucid?

Pellucid is a knowledge creation platform, built by bankers, for bankers. Check out the overview video to see how it works. Pellucid is a knowledge creation platform, built by bankers for bankers. It streamli…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Why investment banks should embrace crowdsourcing

What if you could crowdsource a list of comps from all the other bankers in your firm? For the last 15 years of my time on Wall Street, I ran what many banks call either the Financial Strategies Group or the…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

The Pellucid challenge: Q1, 2017 results

We showed a group of analysts common pitchbook content and asked them to recreate it using Pellucid. Here's what we found. A few weeks ago we conducted our first quarterly efficiency user test. A group of ana…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Junior bankers can only write what they know

If we don't nurture the writing skills analysts and associates, are we creating an industry where no one knows how to craft a pitchbook? The ability to write—to clearly convey ideas, thoughts or concept…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Charting in Excel vs. Pellucid

Pellucid is an evolution of the charting paradigm established by Microsoft Excel, explains Pellucid's Chief Content Officer how they compare. Microsoft Excel, which remains the universal charting application…

Eric RattnerEric Rattner

Strats: The future of investment banking

Why Wall Street should look to Goldman Sachs' Strats division for the future of banking. And the skills needed to be successful. Goldman Sachs is the most venerated investment bank on Wall Street. If you’ve e…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Best of Fix The Pitch 2016

Over the past year, we've shared stories, thoughts, and ideas to help you fix the pitch. Here's a collection of some of our favorites. 2016 was a great year for Pellucid. In Q4, we began our roll out across W…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Has Google made knowledge workers irrelevant?

The evolution of the knowledge worker and why bankers should consider themselves "smart creatives." Investment bankers can be categorized as belonging to the “knowledge worker” employee pool. A term coined by…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

The pitchbook paradox

A banker's most valuable asset is strategic advice, yet pitchbook creation means it’s what they spend the least amount of time developing. As a banker, part of the job I always enjoyed the most was solving th…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

What pitchbook content is trending at Pellucid?

Trending pitchbook content: analyst recommendations, share price performance, and benchmarking. From pitchbook essentials to advanced data visualizations, Pellucid's content library is designed to help banke…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Deceptively simple: benchmarking charts

Benchmarking charts feature in nearly every pitchbook. Yet, each time they are created, they are a bespoke piece of content. I have good news and bad news about benchmarking charts. The good news is that the…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Introducing the Data Hub

Override values, change definitions, review sources. Complete confidence and transparency for perfect content, every time. It’s 2 a.m. and you’re close to wrapping up your pitchbook for tomorrow morning’s me…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Pitchbooks: Ideas are cheap, execution isn’t

Strategic ideas are a banker's best asset. But more ideas means more content has to be created. Welcome to the pitchbook paradox. Costing around $40,000 on average, pitchbooks are an expensive yet necessary p…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Combinatorial innovation isn’t just for startups, it's also for pitchbooks

Every new client problem requires combining existing pieces in new ways. Would you consider yourself a combinatorial innovator? No? Never heard the phrase before? I first came across it from Hal Varian, Go…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Problems are easy. Solutions aren’t

We've examined the investment banking pitchbook problem from every angle. Here's our approach and how we know when it's solved. In product development, there is an adage “find a problem and solve it”. If you…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Should investment banking adopt an apprenticeship model?

Instead of throwing money and promotions at new recruits, should banks employ a model of learning? In banking recruitment, the phrase “junior banker problem” probably inspires at least one of the following th…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

How much does a pitchbook cost?

An average pitchbook costs about $40,000 to produce. Check out the Pitchbook Calculator to see how much yours cost. Lawyers, management consultants, doctors, advertising executives—all careers with a cl…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Why new approaches to education shouldn’t stay in the classroom

How the adoption of MOOCs could revolutionalize the analyst onboarding process A friend of mine, a professor at an Ivy League school, asked me how my wife and I were preparing to cover the college education c…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Future banking teams: Leveraging humans and computers

At investment banks, a new approach to KPOs will automate lower-level work, reduce costs, and provide more value. You probably don’t know Alok Aggarwal. But there is a fair chance you’re familiar with the con…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Big data: You're gonna need a better chart

Not every banker can, nor should, be a data scientist, but they should be a data samurai. The importance of a good visualization. Every day 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created. Ninety percent of the worl…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

What investment bankers can learn from chess

Supercomputers changed the way chess is played. What does this mean for investment bankers? You think this is going to be about how chess can teach critical thinking, don’t you? Nope. And nope, this isn’t a…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

The great junior banker disconnect

If junior bankers invest energy into making pitchbooks better, will it be recognized? How can the pitchbook creation process be fixed? A banker’s life can be compartmentalized into two buckets: pitching and e…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Not even Goldman Sachs can clone bankers

As banks introduce solutions to attract and retain employees, what are the technology strategy considerations? Goldman Sachs recently announced new initiatives for its analyst program. Notably quicker promoti…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Why I had to leave Wall Street to fix it

One thing I know for certain to be true about today's investment bank: The pitchbook process is broken and it's time to fix it. “That’s not how we do things around here.” It was my ninth day at an investment…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett