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A data platform just for bankers

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

One thing we always say at Pellucid is that great content begins with flawless data. But this is tricky to get correct.

On the one hand, bankers need raw data from a range of sources. And as each dataset is different with a unique shape and structure, merging multiple datasets together is incredibly complicated. Once you have all of this data in one place, you need to be able to do something with it and that includes applying your own preferences and customizations. It’s like building a clock. Even after getting the gears to mesh correctly, you still need to set the time.

To stretch an analogy, it's the clockmaking on which Pellucid focuses. That is, adding intelligence and functionality to any ingested data feed to give investment bankers a self-service analytics platform they can use to analyze, manipulate, and interpret data to provide insights for clients.

The founding team of Pellucid has collectively spent decades in the trenches of global investment banks and know how important this analytical layer is. As such, built into the Pellucid platform is the ability for every banker to not only understand the origination of every single number but to also override any value and change any metric definitions so that all created content is true and accurate.

This all happens in Pellucid’s Data Hub. I’ve written before about some of the core functionality, such as the how you can replace any number or edit any definition and that this all then flows through to content created in the platform.

But there is a little more to the Data Hub than this.

You can use any of your data

First of all, Pellucid is data agnostic. You can connect your own internal data source or a preferred data provider. Basically, once you have all the data concorded, you can manipulate it however you like in the Data Hub.

Or you can use our data

If you don’t already have data, you can use ours, as the Pellucid platform includes EDGAR Online data, giving access to the financial and descriptive company data for over 15,000 companies, including U.S. and non-U.S. SEC filers, and private companies with public debt. All of this data can be reviewed, customized, and then applied to any content item in the Pellucid Library.

And you can do whatever you need to it

Every single user has the ability to transform data into compelling content. The Data Hub leverages modeling logic similar to that of Excel and typical database functionality so users can edit values and definitions and use data templates to standardize calculations across groups, products, or industries, customizing data as they need.

And only do it once

Once you’ve applied your customizations they are stored until modified and can be universally applied. For instance, if you override a number, once added it will be used in all created content and flow through to any dependent calculations. In this way, the Data Hub serves as a “center of truth” for investment bankers. Any number in a chart, page, or book produced using Pellucid can be traced back to its origination. If it was an edit to the source data, you can review when it was changed, by who, and any added notes.

The Data Hub was built to serve the analytical and data-driven needs of investment bankers and any information it contains flows through to all created content. But even more critically, it was also designed to never be used at all.

See, we know that while there are bankers out there who will need to apply very specific customizations to data on a regular basis, there are many more bankers that once their data preferences have been set, will visit the Data Hub rarely. So if you have data-intensive needs, the Data Hub offers the power and transparency necessary to give the accuracy and control required. But on the other end of the scale, it’s built for investment bankers, not data scientists so that one time you have a senior banker barking at you to change how you're calculating EBITDA or to use a different number for Total Cost, you can update it quickly in the Data Hub and then and get back to creating great content, confident that your data is flawless.

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Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Chief Product Officer at Pellucid Analytics. Explanatory designer and builder of financial products and tools. Builds own skis. Filling the gap between ideas and execution.