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Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Chief Product Officer at Pellucid Analytics. Explanatory designer and builder of financial products and tools. Builds own skis. Filling the gap between ideas and execution.

Scrub data once, use everywhere

The Data Hub solves a myriad of data problems for investment bankers including the customization of numbers. Here's how it helps with scrubbing. Essential to content creation in investment banking is the abil…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Now in Pellucid: One-time data edits

You can now quickly edit the data and entity labels for a chart straight in the Library for more transparency and control. We’ve added a new way to preview and edit data in Pellucid and I’m excited to tell yo…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

A data platform just for bankers

Corralling data can be a struggle. Pellucid's Data Hub includes EDGAR Online data to provide a platform espeically for bankers. One thing we always say at Pellucid is that great content begins with flawless d…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

One histogram, endless customizations

Three different ways to customize a pitchbook cross sectional histogram to tell a different story each time you show it. This is a cross sectional histogram. It shows the distribution of a metric for…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Building Pellucid: finding what you need

As useful as starring, favoriting and bookmarking is, it requires an action. What if there was an easier way to find what you need? Bookmarking, starring, storing—all are ways of marketing something to…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Introducing the Data Hub

Override values, change definitions, review sources. Complete confidence and transparency for perfect content, every time. It’s 2 a.m. and you’re close to wrapping up your pitchbook for tomorrow morning’s me…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Finding content you’d forgotten you’d lost

Finding and reusing old content is no longer a difficult process with Pellucid keyword search. Find what you need, fast. “Where’s that deck we did for Hasbro’s share repurchase in 2015?” “Where’s that analyst…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Problems are easy. Solutions aren’t

We've examined the investment banking pitchbook problem from every angle. Here's our approach and how we know when it's solved. In product development, there is an adage “find a problem and solve it”. If you…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Complex content creation requires a scalpel, not a Swiss Army Knife

Sometimes a one-size-fits-all product will only get you so far. I own three bikes: one for commuting, one for racing, and one for long rides. I guess I could use the same bike for all three activities, but wh…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

The difference between searching and browsing

Intelligent search and enhanced sorting, so when you need to find a chart, you know exactly where to look. Searching is never fun. Searching is looking for missing socks, feeling lost, and wasting time that…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan