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Behind the scenes: The Comps ranking chart

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

The Comps ranking chart is one of Pellucid’s most popular content items. A Pellucid-crafted creation, it’s an update to the comps ranking table. Instead of containing rows and columns of numbers, the chart displays ranked columns with each entity row a different color.

We’ve used this chart to rank horror movie villains, compare airports, and applied it to both of the recent Star Wars movies. The chart’s flexibility makes it perfect to easily compare the data for any group of items.

To make a Comps ranking chart in Excel is tricky; fortunately, it takes less than a minute to order in Pellucid. Here's how the chart has been configured to become a “must-have” pitchbook chart.


In addition to a subject company, up to 15 other comparable companies can be added, and these can also be grouped. You can also add up to ten metrics, all of which are easily added and organized on the content details page.

Pellucid's Data Hub showing how to make a comps ranking chart.


There are a few different visual variants available for this chart.

You can keep the chart vanilla with only the entities and metrics.

Pitchbook comps ranking chart

Or group the comps to add another dimension of data.

Pitchbook comps ranking chart with grouped comps

Or add a table containing mean, median, or average summary stats

pitchbook comps ranking chart with summary table

Or treat the summary stats as an entity and have them displayed inline within the chart.

Pitchbook comps ranking chart with summary stats shown in line

Entities can be sorted by rank, alphabetically, or by any order you choose. You can also choose how to label the chart and where those labels appear. Essentially, all the elements of the content are flexible for you to configure.


Recently, we added a one-time data edits feature to Pellucid. Using this, you can change how entities are labeled and input brand new numbers, such as private company data. This expands the possible uses of this chart—and every other chart—within the content library.

There are times when content needs to be even more bespoke than usual. For this, Pellucid includes a custom request option. Just select the type of customization, enter the details, and order.

Content is delivered in your branding, fulfilled to your specifications, and usually ready in just a few minutes.

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Team Pellucid

Team Pellucid

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