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Best of Fix The Pitch 2016

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

2016 was a great year for Pellucid. In Q4, we began our roll out across Wall Street, welcoming new clients each week and learning even more about how we can continue to add the functions and content you need to create compelling pitchbooks.

We also tripled our content Library and expanded the visual variations for each chart and launched our Data Hub, a self-service data analytics tool that gives users complete control and transparency over their numbers. In addition to this, the Pellucid platform now includes EDGAR Online data so you can create great content without the need for an external data provider (although if you have one, we can connect to them, too). Capping off the year, for the fourth time, we were named a Best Place to Work by Outside Magazine.

In addition to all of this, over the past year, we’ve shared thoughts, stories, and ideas to help you fix the pitchbook and elevate your content. Here are some of our favorite posts from each month:


Who is most likely to win Super Bowl 50?
Kicking off the year was our Super Bowl ranking chart. We had the Broncos as third…
Dear P/E, it’s not me. It’s definitely you
Chief Scientist Jamie Ballingall rallies against P/E as a comparison ratio and offers a much better alternative.


Is the office more unequal than we think?
Taking on a thorny topic, are women expected to perform emotional labor in the workplace more than men?
Why STEAM power is the future
STEM is all very well, but you need to pair it with creative thought argues CEO Adrian Crockett.


Nine rules for a perfect value axis
The unbreakable tenants of a clearly labeled chart, according to Chief Content Officer Eric Rattner.


How much does a pitchbook cost?
Not only is it more than you think, but we also created the Pitchbook Calculator so you can figure out your own costs.
Why I won’t accept your LinkedIn request to connect
A LinkedIn connect is an implicit endorsement. Accept requests from unknowns with caution.


How to treat data outliers in pitchbook charts
Outliers are a pain. Three ways you can handle them in your charts.


Are you using the right data visualization?
Every banker has their own way of presenting. How to get comfortable with a new chart type.


The pitchbook paradox
The Pitchbook paradox: When your most valuable asset (your strategic advice) is the thing you get to spend the least amount of time developing.


Why clients aren’t reading your executive summary
Applying some design principles to pitchbook creation shows that far fewer people are reading your executive summary than you think.


An alternative take on the share price chart
A plain share price chart is a waste of time. How to add more context and insight with waterfall chart.


Should investment bankers optimize email subject line
In short, probably. Front loading information is a better way to get it seen.


Are you ready to find new clients?
Finding new clients can be the difference between hearing about that deal and being the one to execute it.


The Fix The Pitch recommended reading list
If you’re looking for a holiday read, look no further.

2016 was good, but we have a ton more in store for 2017!

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Team Pellucid

Team Pellucid

Thoughts, ideas, and updates from the Pellucid team.