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Building Pellucid: finding what you need

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Bookmarking, starring, storing—all are ways of marketing something to be easily found and revisited.

The thing is, as useful as these mechanisms are, you have to perform an action for it work. And we’ve all been in the situation when you used something, liked it, and then for the life of you couldn’t find it again. Whether it’s remembering the name of that cocktail you enjoyed or locating where you read that great article. If it isn't recorded, you may never find it again.

At Pellucid, we have a pretty extensive content library of charts and reports (not to brag or anything). It’s curated to ensure that any piece of content an investment banker may need for a pitchbook is available. Users browse the content, edit, order, and have an entire pitchbook of charts created for them in a fraction of the time. As great as this is, our clients told us that there are times when they show a client a chart, get a great response, and want to reproduce it for a different meeting with minimal effort. Like hitting the reorder button on Seamless.

We know it sucks to dig through order histories or emails to find something you need and we didn’t want our users to have to remember to star or heart something. We figured it should just...remember.

So that's how we built it.

In the Pellucid library, if you select “top” from the sort menu, the content is organized by the items you’ve ordered the most, like a popularity contest. Selecting “personal” or “company” reshuffles the content by only your orders or the orders of your entire company.

Pellucid platform showing sort filters to find pitchbook content

And then we added more options.

Added to this are icons, so you can also filter your content search by the type of chart you want to create, be it a bar chart, histogram, scatter, or otherwise.

And there is also the intelligent keyword search. Type in a search term and the most relevant items raise to the top.

Bundled together, these functions give users tons of ways to navigate the library and find what they need effortlessly. It’s also easy to stay in the loop of what your group and company are working on.

Let me show you how it works, email me at for a demo.

Spend more time developing financial analysis and less time creating content. Visit Pellucid at

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Chief Product Officer at Pellucid Analytics. Explanatory designer and builder of financial products and tools. Builds own skis. Filling the gap between ideas and execution.