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31 hottest fintech startups defining New York

Jenn GiacobbeJenn Giacobbe

To me, the unique thing about fintech startups is that the companies are often working in tandem with the financial community to accelerate new business models and transactional relationships.

Technology is enabling new ways to invest, lend, borrow, and pay. Companies such as Pellucid Analytics are building innovative products and replacing legacy processes to improve efficiency, security, and mobility. It’s exciting to be a part of and we are delighted to be named one of the hottest fintech startups defining New York by Let’s Talk Payments.

Check out the complete list and cool diagram of how the scene can be broken out.

Jenn Giacobbe

Jenn Giacobbe

Chief Customer Officer at Pellucid Analytics. A veteran of building useful corporate products. Bringing smarter, simpler pitchbooks to bankers.