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Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

In Pellucid, there are literally millions (probably billions) of charts that could be created—all fully customizable and created in your branding, so all you need to do is drop the finished chart into your own materials.

But what about when you don’t really know what you want to create? When you need ideas or just to understand the current state of your target company and its comps set? This is where Pellucid’s pre-collated books come in handy.

Books are a collection of individual charts that are assembled together to tell a comprehensive story and can be found in the Library by selecting the “books” filter.

Pellucid library showing filtered view of books

While each chart in a book can be ordered individually (and therefore further customized), the books are intended to be an initial data dump. Need to understand the valuation trends of your client? Order the valuation book and the seven different charts will get you up to speed about previous movements and include details about predicted trends.

Valuation book in Pellucid

One of the most useful books in the Pellucid Library is the Company Overview book. It can be configured to contain over 60 charts that comprehensively analyzes a subject company and its peers across a set of data categories such as profitability, leverage, and growth.

For users, ordering this book should be a priority when assigned a new project and it is designed to be shared with colleagues in client kick-off meetings. As all the data are the latest numbers and pulled from the Data Hub—which is your own repository of scrubbed data—ordering the book in Pellucid eliminates the need to spend hours pulling together materials for an initial data dump and instead allows you and your team to transition more quickly to idea generation.

What's more, the entire presentation can be ordered in less than 30 seconds in the Pellucid platform.

The book is one of the many content items designed to help you spend less time on manual, repetitive tasks and more time meeting with clients and perfecting strategies.

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Team Pellucid

Team Pellucid

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