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Last minute Halloween costumes for investment bankers

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Didn’t have time to plan a Halloween costume and now have to dash from the office straight to the party, grabbing what you can from Duane Reade? Sound familiar? We’re here to help you out. The chart below shows subjectively ranked costume options (each item is in rank order) to help you get from your desk to Trick or Treating as quickly as possible.

Janet Yellen

While a gray wig may be a challenge to find last minute, the blank pantsuit and glasses keeps this costume fairly simple. Bonus points if your name is Janet and you shout at everyone all night.

Patrick Bateman

Perhaps not the most original costume for someone who works in an investment bank, but grab a clear raincoat, a fake axe, and you’re good to go. Fake blood optional.

The Wolf of Wall Street

At its most basic this can consist of wearing wolf ears and drawing whiskers while still wearing your office outfit. Or you could dial it up a notch and transform into “The Werewolf of Wall Street”.

Tech unicorn

You likely have the materials needed to fashion a unicorn horn lying around the office. Team with a hoodie and you’re a tech unicorn.

Market flash crash

Probably the most ambitious suggestion. Pair a shirt with a down arrow (this may be something you need to create yourself) and some twinkling holiday lights and you have a flash crash costume. Major disadvantage is that it requires being tethered to an outlet all night.

Junk bond

Gross yes, but also unlikely to be worn by someone else. Dig out whatever is your trash can, affix it to your outfit, and walk around with a martini all night.

Clark Kent

Not the most original costume but a crowd pleaser. Wear a Superman shirt underneath your dress shirt, find a pair of thick rimmed glasses, and you’re lo-and-behold, you're Superman's alter ego.

Bull/bear market

Can be easily teamed with whatever you wore to the office that day. Either find a pair of bear ears or bull horns and draw on some features. The bull one works particularly well if you also have a nose ring.

Zombie banker

Also known as “just-finished-working-on-a-pitchbook" banker. For many, combine a slow, lurching walk with your current outfit and you can probably make this look work. Make-up optional.

Gordon Gekko

All you need are braces, a Brooks Brothers shirt, and slicked back hair. But whether you can pull this off depends on your crowd (are they familiar with movies from the ‘80s?). You could go for a Shia LaBeouf update and combine it with a mug shot.

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