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Now in Pellucid: One-time data edits

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

We’ve added a new way to preview and edit data in Pellucid and I’m excited to tell you about it.

There is now a Generate data files link on the content details page for most charts. Clicking this creates CSVs of the data and entity labels that will be used to create your chart as a way to preview your data before placing an order. If you need to change something, you can update the value in the CSV, re-upload it, and then that updated CSV will be used to create your content. It’s a really fast and easy way to see not only the numbers that will be in your content but to also apply a one-time change.

Pellucid product generate data files for pitchbook content

Pellcid product edit data files for pitchbook charts

The reason we added this is to provide data shortcut—a way to change your chart’s data without having to leave the Library section of the Pellucid platform. You can still edit and store data in the Data Hub (and this is where the data for the CSV file originates from), but this alternative lets you quickly update a number, and, as the information isn’t passed through to the Data Hub, discard it. So next time you create content, you don’t have to worry about accidentally applying values that aren’t consistent with your market data provider.

You can edit entity labels in this way, too. Say instead of using company names as labels in your charts, you want to anonymize your comps as “Company A”, “Company B” and so forth. You just generate the file, download the CSV and rewrite the label. This will then be applied to the content. As with any data modifications made through CSV updates, it’s single-use, so you don’t have to revert back to any real company names before placing your next content request.

As always, any longer lasting overrides or definition changes can be made in the Data Hub.

It’s just another way we give you full control and transparency over your numbers so it’s always your data, your way.

Email me at if you’d like to see how it works.

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Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Chief Product Officer at Pellucid Analytics. Explanatory designer and builder of financial products and tools. Builds own skis. Filling the gap between ideas and execution.