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The Pitchbook Calculator

Calculate the cost of a single pitchbook page

Did you know each pitchbook costs about $40,000¹ to produce?

As one of the most expensive and laborious products produced by investment banks, pitchbooks are a huge time and energy burden for junior and senior bankers alike.

To know the pitchbook creation cost to your firm, we recommend conducting a detailed time and motion study to account for the time cost of each individual involved in the process and complexity of the content.

But if you want a ballpark answer, use the pitchbook calculator below. Just adjust the salary, overhead, and time inputs, and an approximate cost for simple, moderate, and complex charts will be populated. You’ll see how easy it is to run $1,000 per chart.

Remember, this is just to produce one iteration of a chart. Add on reviews, edits, and time spent fine-tuning the story, and you will find you reach $40,000 per pitchbook quicker than expected.

¹Based on our own studies and the results of a study conducted by a bulge bracket bank.