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Ranking Chart: Performance of oldest companies listed on NYSE

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

At this week's World Economic Forum, corporate, political, and cultural leaders will be talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Topics include the tipping point for artificial intelligence, how long until most cars can drive themselves, and whether GDP will ever be measured in bitcoin.

The upcoming technology shifts are likely to have massive impacts on everyday life, making it hard to imagine a world where today’s top companies continue to dominate. Indeed, right now it seems the future belongs to tech and Silicon Valley but is this really the case?

Well, to look forward, sometimes we must look back. We ranked some of America’s oldest companies that over the past 100 years have survived Black Monday, world wars, the first wave of the internet, and the interconnectivity of a global marketplace to see, how are they doing today? And is it too soon to hand over the keys of the next revolution to Google, Tesla, and Facebook?

Interestingly, a number of the companies have gone from strength to strength over the past hundred years. But will they continue to do so?

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