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Females in finance

I have enough fleece vests, thank you.

Please stop giving me duffel bags, oversized T-shirts, and beer cozies. How about something that shows you get me instead? In the corner of my closet sits a pile of “gender neutral” items, accumulated from co…

Jenn GiacobbeJenn Giacobbe

#CelebrateWomen: New York Women’s Foundation Breakfast

Only 3% of philanthropic dollars go toward women issues. Read more about the New York Women's Foundation. On Thursday, May 5th, the hashtag #celebratewomen trended in New York. Twitter users united behind the…

Jenn GiacobbeJenn Giacobbe

Is the office more unequal than we think?

From running errands to laughing at the boss’s jokes, are women pressured to display certain feelings, or manage the feelings of others, more than men? I’ve always considered myself a team player. Help plan t…

Jenn GiacobbeJenn Giacobbe

What’s in a name?

When getting married, a woman has a tough decision: Keep your name to maintain a career identity? Or change it to share a name with your family? Here's what I did. Well, quite a bit, actually. Taking your sp…

Jenn GiacobbeJenn Giacobbe

Leaning in without falling over

Working in finance can place high demands on parents. Is it possible to lean into your career without falling over? Just after my second child was born, a friend said to me, “How is it possible that before k…

Jenn GiacobbeJenn Giacobbe