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Last minute Halloween costumes for investment bankers

Have to go to a Halloween party straight from the office? Here are some last minute costume ideas. Didn’t have time to plan a Halloween costume and now have to dash from the office straight to the party, grab…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Ranking iconic musicians

We compare the singles, popularity and continual cultural impact of some of the most iconic musicians of the past 50 years. Despite passing away forty years ago this month, Elvis Presley is still one of the m…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Which is the best meal kit delivery service?

There are many meal kit delivery services to choose from. For the uninitiated, which package of pre-cut ingredients is worth a try? U.S. meal kit delivery services have collectively raised more than $650 mill…

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Ranking the James Beard NYC restaurant shortlist

Le Coucou won the James Beard award for "Best New Restaurant." How does it compare to other NYC restaurants? Le Coucou just won the James Beard award for "Best New Restaurant." In a city renowned for its food…

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Who is the most impressive on Twitter?

Since the first tweet over ten years ago, who dominates the platform today? We rank followers, tweets, sentiment, reach and more. Eleven years ago this week, the first tweet was sent. Since then, Twitter has…

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The 2016 fiction book you should read

Comparing last year's most critically well-received books to one of the year's bestsellers, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. A December ritual is the publication of “best of” lists (we wrote one, too!). Han…

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Is the Empire Strikes Back still the best Star Wars movie?

An update to last year's Star Wars ranking chart, this year, including lightsaber battles. To mark last year’s release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, we ranked each Star Wars movie to see which…

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Ranking Chart: Who is the best horror movie villain?

Which movie franchise can claim the best villain? We rank body count, weapon, scariness and more. For horror movies, everything rests on the depravity of the villain. From centuries-old demons, to psychopathi…

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Does the September poll leader usually win the presidential election?

How often does September's poll leader become the next White House resident? It's just over 40 days until the presidential election. Awareness of the two candidates is reaching its peak (as is media saturatio…

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Ranking Chart: SNL cast members

There have been over 140 Saturday Night Live cast members. 16 have appeared in eight or more seasons. Who are they and how do they compare? Saturday Night Live will soon begin its 42nd season. Iconic for its…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Ranking Chart: Brooklyn neighborhoods

The L train's closure will cut off easy access to Williamsburg. Where should you go instead? In 2019, New York City’s L subway line will be closed for 18 months for repairs, effectively cutting off easy acce…

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Ranking Chart: The 13 Original Colonies

Since the first Independence Day almost a quarter of a century ago, how have the original 13 colonies changed? Ranked for population, size, and more. After some boundary adjustment and name updates, the 13 or…

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Ranking Chart: Movie reboots

How do movie reboots from 2015, 2016, and 2017 compare to the original version? Ranking actual and predicted success. Next month the new Ghostbusters movie, the latest in a string of remakes, reboots, and lon…

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How have commencement addresses changed?

We chart the industries of commencement speakers over time to see how they have changed. Over the coming weeks, nearly two million students will graduate from college. Integral to the celebration is a commenc…

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Ranking Chart: The best city for investment bankers

When you actually get to leave the office, which is the best finance city to live in? New York vs. London? Beijing vs. Hong Kong? Zurich vs. Frankfurt? Each city has its own unique appeal for bankers, with op…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

March Madness predictions: Kansas most likely to win

We used a statistical model to predict the outcome of a matchup between any two Division I teams. March is here, and flowers are blooming; so too are the hopes and dreams of fans of the 68 schools participati…

Eric RattnerEric Rattner

What is the most productive month of the year?

Looking at box office stats, Facebook traffic, and Google searches to see when we are at our most productive. We’re about five weeks into 2016. The holiday lethargy has been shaken off, school summer vacation…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Ranking Chart: Performance of oldest companies listed on NYSE

We rank the performance of some of the oldest companies listed on NYSE. At this week's World Economic Forum, corporate, political, and cultural leaders will be talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Ranking Chart: Who is most likely to win Super Bowl 50?

We think it will be a match-up between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. See why. The holiday season is over, which in my opinion, means the actual most wonderful time of the year is here. The NFL…

Eric RattnerEric Rattner

At which U.S. airport are you most likely to get stuck?

We ranked 13 U.S. airports by traffic, snow, and average delays to see which is most likely to give the winter woes. Traveling over the holidays is a well-documented nightmare. Bad weather and over-booked f…

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Rankings Chart: Which is the best Star Wars movie?

The first six movies ranked by ratings, box office, and awards to see which could be called "the best." A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… It is a period of anticipation. A new Star Wars movie, the se…

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