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Data Hub

Scrub data once, use everywhere

The Data Hub solves a myriad of data problems for investment bankers including the customization of numbers. Here's how it helps with scrubbing. Essential to content creation in investment banking is the abil…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Now in Pellucid: One-time data edits

You can now quickly edit the data and entity labels for a chart straight in the Library for more transparency and control. We’ve added a new way to preview and edit data in Pellucid and I’m excited to tell yo…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

A data platform just for bankers

Corralling data can be a struggle. Pellucid's Data Hub includes EDGAR Online data to provide a platform espeically for bankers. One thing we always say at Pellucid is that great content begins with flawless d…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Why bankers think they scrub numbers. And why they actually do

Scrubbing numbers isn't just for standardizing data or learning the ropes. Scrubbing numbers is an important and expensive activity, necessary to the work of an investment banker. First, there is the fee ban…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Introducing the Data Hub

Override values, change definitions, review sources. Complete confidence and transparency for perfect content, every time. It’s 2 a.m. and you’re close to wrapping up your pitchbook for tomorrow morning’s me…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan