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The case against terminal multiples

When building a discounted cashflow model, both common modeling approaches are wrong. But one happens to be useful. “Essentially, all models are wrong, but some are useful” George E. P. Box, British mathemati…

Jamie BallingallJamie Ballingall

Correlation matrices have to be what now?

Avoid explaining the mathematical theory of eigenvalues and positive definite matrices by giving a finance answer. Talking about eigenvalues in a client meeting is asking for trouble because the mathematical…

Jamie BallingallJamie Ballingall

When to use positive-negative in financial modeling

The pros and cons of positive-positive and positive-negative in financial modeling. In finance, it’s often meekly agreed upon that everyone is right. “Well yes, of course, circumstance dependent, both approac…

Jamie BallingallJamie Ballingall