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How to craft compelling, dazzling pitchbooks. Thoughts, ideas, and inspiration to help construct advanced financial analysis, build stunning data visualizations and tips for mastering client meetings.

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Helping new bankers navigate the industry

Banking automation is here. Are you ready?

Goldman Sachs' Deal Link platform automates about half of the IPO deal process. Why bankers shouldn't be worried about robots. A couple of weeks ago Goldman Sachs announced Deal Link, a platform that automate…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Junior bankers can only write what they know

If we don't nurture the writing skills analysts and associates, are we creating an industry where no one knows how to craft a pitchbook? The ability to write—to clearly convey ideas, thoughts or concept…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Junior bankers, do you know your optimal stopping point?

When creating pitchbooks for senior bankers, when is an further effort a waste of time? Recently, I wrote an article discussing the differing perspectives of junior bankers versus senior bankers when it comes…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

The pitchbook paradox

A banker's most valuable asset is strategic advice, yet pitchbook creation means it’s what they spend the least amount of time developing. As a banker, part of the job I always enjoyed the most was solving th…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

What “less is more” means for junior bankers

How to balance a rich, layered story with the power of a single takeaway message by using the "less is more" approach. “Less is more.” A well-known phrase with dual meaning. It was made popular by architect L…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

The great junior banker disconnect

If junior bankers invest energy into making pitchbooks better, will it be recognized? How can the pitchbook creation process be fixed? A banker’s life can be compartmentalized into two buckets: pitching and e…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett