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For meetings, better never than late

Five minutes early is on time. On time is late. Late is unacceptable. Why you should apply the "start time rule" to meetings. Perhaps because of our relative isolation, or maybe because we were more willing t…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

The one simple rule for a great pitchbook

As a banker, the best piece of career advice I ever received had nothing to do with scrubbing numbers, building models, or conducting an analysis. The best piece of career advice I ever received had nothing t…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Two steps to become pitch perfect

You get to a client meeting and your 60 minutes is reduced to 30. How to use storyboarding and presentation practice to be prepared. The American Film Institute lists Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dw…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett