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Why Pellucid is a "Best Place to Work"

For four years, Outside Magazine has named Pellucid a "Best Place to Work" and in 2016 it reached number ten. Here's why. For the fourth year running, Pellucid is named a “Best Place to Work” by Outside Magaz…

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Building Pellucid: finding what you need

As useful as starring, favoriting and bookmarking is, it requires an action. What if there was an easier way to find what you need? Bookmarking, starring, storing—all are ways of marketing something to…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

I have enough fleece vests, thank you.

Please stop giving me duffel bags, oversized T-shirts, and beer cozies. How about something that shows you get me instead? In the corner of my closet sits a pile of “gender neutral” items, accumulated from co…

Jenn GiacobbeJenn Giacobbe

For meetings, better never than late

Five minutes early is on time. On time is late. Late is unacceptable. Why you should apply the "start time rule" to meetings. Perhaps because of our relative isolation, or maybe because we were more willing t…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Finding content you’d forgotten you’d lost

Finding and reusing old content is no longer a difficult process with Pellucid keyword search. Find what you need, fast. “Where’s that deck we did for Hasbro’s share repurchase in 2015?” “Where’s that analyst…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

Forget utility belts, just hand me a smartphone

While banking can be slow to adopt tech, investment bankers are always on the hunt for tools to give a competitive edge. Very early on I learned the benefit of having a little insider scoop about someone with…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Complex content creation requires a scalpel, not a Swiss Army Knife

Sometimes a one-size-fits-all product will only get you so far. I own three bikes: one for commuting, one for racing, and one for long rides. I guess I could use the same bike for all three activities, but wh…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan

The difference between searching and browsing

Intelligent search and enhanced sorting, so when you need to find a chart, you know exactly where to look. Searching is never fun. Searching is looking for missing socks, feeling lost, and wasting time that…

Patrick RyanPatrick Ryan