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How to craft compelling, dazzling pitchbooks. Thoughts, ideas, and inspiration to help construct advanced financial analysis, build stunning data visualizations and tips for mastering client meetings.

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The evolution of the data table

It's really difficult to present a standard data table. So can you use a more intuitive design to show the same data (and have a better meeting)? If you've spent any time in the trenches of an investment bank…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Investment bankers and micro-content, an emerging love story

Sending a sample chart to a client in advance can save hours in pitchbook production. Ask any junior banker on what they spend the most time and producing content is likely to be near the top of the list. As…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Junior bankers: avoid the pitfalls of a bad histogram

A badly labeled chart can throw a wrench in a client meeting. Avoid the perils of a poorly executed histogram. Perhaps before you began your banking career you were introduced to histograms in a statistics cl…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Labeling axes vs. labeling data

Poor chart labeling leads to confusion. Eric Rattner, Chief Content Officer, outlines the rules for labeling a pitchbook's chart and axis. While a chart visually represents a numerical data set, labeling is c…

Eric RattnerEric Rattner

For memorable pitchbooks, three is the magic number

Asking clients to remember 12 things is asking them to work too hard. How to make your pitches more memorable. If you really want to feel good about yourself, the day after your next client meeting ask the cl…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

No one is reading your executive summary

How tapping into the knowledge of designers can increase the visibility of your pitchbook content to make sure your key points land. If you’ve ever worked with designers you will know that, on the whole, they…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

Why bankers still need to play Liar’s Poker

It may have dwindled in popularity, but playing Liar's Poker allows bankers to practice and master important necessary skills. Twenty years ago, if you asked any banker, “When was the last time you played Lia…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

For meetings, better never than late

Five minutes early is on time. On time is late. Late is unacceptable. Why you should apply the "start time rule" to meetings. Perhaps because of our relative isolation, or maybe because we were more willing t…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

How to treat data outliers in pitchbook charts

Outliers can be a frustrating experience when creating pitchbook content. Here are three treatment options for bankers. Outliers are a pain. If you’ve had to chart data that includes extreme values, it’s pro…

Eric RattnerEric Rattner

Nine rules for a perfect value axis

Chief Content Officer, Eric Rattner, outlines his nine unbreakable rules for labeling a standalone value axis when creating pitchbooks charts. It’s not easy to create a good chart. As Chief Content Officer at…

Eric RattnerEric Rattner

Data needs visualization AND transformation

It's not enough to just use a visualization, you have to transform the data into something meaningful first. A side-effect of big data is that in an effort to extract insights from it there has been an increa…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

I can kanban, can you?

How adopting the kanban methodology, investment bankers can better manage and update client resources and strategies while on the move. At Pellucid Analytics I get to work with many non-bankers. My team has a…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett

2016: The year of better pitchbooks

Resources to build better pitchbooks. From smart methods of data analysis and building impressive charts, to how to curate and craft the perfect message. Ah, New Year, the time for self-improvement and learni…

Adrian CrockettAdrian Crockett