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Pellucid’s content library is designed specifically for investment bankers and other strategic advisors. It’s filled with common pitchbook charts, multi-page books, and advanced data visualizations to help you tell a compelling story and command client attention.

Grouped comps bubbles

investment banking pitchbook chart grouped comps bubbles

The comps bubbles charts compare a subject company to its peers across three metrics, shown on the x- and y-axis and the third represented by the size of the bubbles. The multi-dimensionality of the chart, and the grouping of the comps, creates the opportunity for several different conversations in a client meeting.

Benchmarking analyst recommendations breakdown vs. comps, diverging stack

benchmarking analyst recommendations investment banking pitchbook chart

One of several charts in Pellucid designed to show analyst buy-hold-sell ratings for companies, this chart uses a diverging stack technique to compare the distribution of analyst ratings across entities. Using a semantic “good/bad” color scheme, it’s clear how individual companies are rated and how they compare to each other.

Periodic metric with marginal histogram & over/under proportions

periodic metric with marginal histogram investment banking pitchbook chart

You can add marginal histograms and over/under proportion donuts to a variety of chart templates in the Pellucid platform by just checking a box. Doing so adds context and data to your chart, transforming it from a simple line chart (as above) to something that packs a lot more information by showing range and density for the given metric over a time span.

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Team Pellucid

Team Pellucid

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