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What pitchbook content is trending at Pellucid?

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Pellucid’s content library is designed specifically for investment bankers and strategic advisors. It’s filled with common pitchbook charts, multi-page books, and advanced data visualizations to help you tell a compelling story and command client attention.

Here what’s been trending at Pellucid:

Share price over time with future uncertainty fan chart

share price over time with future uncertainity fan chart for pitchbooks

This version of a traditional share price chart supplements historical data with a forward-looking perspective. The actual share price is shown using a line chart and the range of expected future share prices (given the company’s volatility)is represented by the “fan” with the deeper the color, the more likely the scenario.

Metric vs. faded comps over time with marginal histogram

Metric vs. faded comps chart with marginal histogram

The marginal histogram added to this Metric over time chart gives greater context about a current metric, with frequency represented by the different lengths of the bars. The reference donuts show how frequently historical observations have been above or below the current level. It’s useful to add a little color to your regular time series charts.

Grouped comps bubbles

grouped comps bubbles chart for pitchbook

The Grouped comps bubbles chart shows a cross-sectional view of a subject company in comparison to its comps across three metrics. This chart gives a direct 3-dimensional visual comparison of a company and its peers, with an emphasis on the sub-grouping of the comps to help draw out clearer comparative talking points.

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Team Pellucid

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