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What pitchbook content is trending at Pellucid in September?

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Pellucid’s content library is designed specifically for investment bankers and strategic advisors. It’s filled with common pitchbook charts, multi-page books, and advanced data visualizations to help you tell a compelling story and command client attention.

Here what’s trending at Pellucid:

Periodic cash flow waterfall

Periodic cash flow waterfall chart for pitchbook

The Periodic cash flow waterfall chart shows the cash balance of a company, its component sources, and how it has changed across different fundamental periods. By using different colors for the direction of the cash flow (sources are green, uses are red, balances are blue), it’s easy to compare changes over time while also comparing sources to each other.

Vertical cross sectional histogram with over/under proportions

vertical cross sectional histogram chart for pitchbook

Getting everything lined up for this chart using Excel is tricky, so creating it with Pellucid saves a lot of time. This histogram can be vertical or horizontal and shows the complete distribution of a given metric for a cross-section of companies, such as the constituents of the S&P 500. The donut charts summarize the percentage of companies that have valuations above and below a chosen metric.

Benchmarking change in metric vs. comps

Benchmarking changes in metric vs. comps pitchbook chart

This chart benchmarks the change in a single metric for a subject company and its comps at two different points in time. The line’s length shows the magnitude of change, while the arrow shows the direction of the change, so at a glance, you can see the value of the change. This gives context on how a company trades in the market relative to its peers and if there is a significant difference for multiples of various operational performance metrics.

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Team Pellucid

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