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What pitchbook content is trending at Pellucid?

Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

From pitchbook essentials to advanced data visualizations, Pellucid's content library is designed to help bankers quickly produce the content they need for client meetings, idea generation, and internal discussions, all fully customizable and quickly delivered. Here is what was trending in June at Pellucid.

1. Analyst recommendations page

pitchbook analyst recommendations snapshot from Pellucid Analytics

The two charts are placed on the same page to help tell a simple story of what analysts are saying about a particular company. The left chart compares share price to target price and the right shows the distribution of analyst ratings.

2. Comps ranking chart

Picthbook comps ranking chart by Pellucid Analytics

Also used in our Abstract charts, the Comps Ranking chart is a data table upgrade. Each column is ranked by metric, making it much easier to compare a subject company to its peers across multiple dimensions.

3. Share price performance vs. benchmark indexes

Share price performance vs. benchmark indexes chart by Pellucid Analytics

Probably one of the most common content items in a pitchbook is a share price performance chart. This is one of several versions in our Library and benchmarks share price performance against benchmark indexes.

New items are constantly added to the Pellucid Library, from pitchbook essentials to advanced visualizations and multi-page books. Each item can be customized, ordered, and downloaded in a fraction of the time.

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Team Pellucid

Team Pellucid

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