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Team PellucidTeam Pellucid

Pellucid’s content library is designed specifically for investment bankers and strategic advisors. It’s filled with common pitchbook charts, multi-page books, and advanced data visualizations to help you tell a compelling story and command client attention.

Analyst ratings overview

Analyst ratings overview investment banking pitchbook by Pellucid

The Analyst ratings overview book is a curated selection of pages that collectively detail how equity analysts view a subject company and its peers from a trading perspective. It focuses on the breakdown of “Buy”-”Hold”-”Sell” ratings and how 12-month target prices compare to actual current trading levels. Like all books in the content library, it can be ordered in less than a minute and is generated in your organization's branding, offering a fast way to get up to speed about a client.

Vertical cross sectional histogram (with summary stats)**

vertical cross sectional histogram pitchbook chart by Pellucid

One of the many distribution chart variants available in Pellucid, this chart shows the distribution of a given metric for a cross section of companies. In Pellucid you can select whether the summary stat reference lines refer to the market distribution of the industry of the subject company.

Periodic metric vs. faded comps

Periodic metric vs. faded comps by Pellucid

This is a really flexible chart that displays any fundamental metric for a company and its peers over time. This variant shows the comps as faded lines which attract more focus to the subject of the chart, in light of the distribution of its comps’ data. Other variants configured from this chart template include changing the entities, adding data labels, and changing the underlying data periodicity.

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Team Pellucid

Team Pellucid

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